At Prescott Oil honesty is our best policy. So lets be honest. You, our beloved customer, could easily obtain oil from any delivery company around because of the increasingly competitive market, so why go with Prescott? Because when you spend your hard earned money on the things you need, you want it to go to people who deserve it, right? There is nothing more aggravating then having to give money to people who could care less about your needs...

Prescott Oil is a true family OWNED and OPERATED establishment with our roots settled deeply in our community. We focus on making a difference by participating in the Susan G. Komen 3 Day for a cure walk for breast cancer research. There is nothing more rewarding. We invite you to be our guests and experience what itís like to do business with a company who has integrity and the drive to fully satisfy your oil needs...
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Tank Level Gallons
1/4 Tank 69 Gallons
1/2 Tank 138 Gallons
3/4 Tank 207 Gallons
Full Tank 275 Gallons

Use this chart to get a rough estimate of how much oil you will need, based on a 275 gallon tank. Then you can click here to see our current oil prices.

Breast Cancer Ribbon

Prescott Oil makes a difference by participating in the Susan G. Komen 3 Day walk for cancer research.